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 (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) Marche Radiuju: Sure, suddenly waking up in another world isn't a new thing for him, but the other time it was an illusion world. So, how would he respond to a real one? ...Well, probably by trying to break it. Not sure how well opening the Interdimensional Rift would go over with Kain.

Plus, if I played him the steadily-growing Final Fantasy cast herd couldn't be in the same place all at once. Oh well.

(Riviera: the Promised Land) Lina: Treasure-hunting is just her cup of tea, really. That's her ending, in fact, and she'd probably take her transfer in stride, especially the fact that she doesn't have to worry about weapons breaking on her. BUT she's an archer.

An archer.

...You see why that might be a problem?
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 So yeah, this is a (working) list of characters I might apply for another time.

(Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2) The Anguished One: Hoo boy, would this be interesting. As another SMT-multiverse character he'd bounce off Minako pretty well, as well as any other Persona characters that might be applied for (and I know several were reserved). His role in the story is much like that of Igor's in Persona, but with the added benefit of being the sponsor of the game's fifth and final ending. He has a habit of referring to the main character (again, no true canon name, but the DeSu2 manga has him named Kageyama Hiro) as the "Shining One" and probably would do that for other MCs (I'm thinking Minato would be the "Deathly One".)

Class-wise, he'd be a Macabre Dancer - his stat growths are extremely balanced, more so than any other character, but in cutscenes he displays more aptitude for caster-style shenanigans. This is the primary reason I'm not playing him now - holyrelic currently has no less than four Dancers, with two half-Dancer Adept Rogues. (Compare the "special melée" classes Lord Partizan, Tribal Grappler, and Flick Reaper - there aren't any of those in the game yet as of this posting, although there is an Adept Rogue that is half-Flick Reaper.) know what, I'm apping him anyway.

(Dept. Heaven (Yggdra/Blaze Union)) Gulcasa: As I said before - DUDE. HAS. ISSUES. His dad heavily abused him and his mom has the ability to see into the future, which she uses as an excuse to be a total jerk. He blames himself for the death of his best friend and surrogate mother figure Siskier (she gave up her own life to save him from a trap set up by their employer). He has a deep-seated dislike/hatred of the concept of nobility and born royalty thanks to all the #$&% nobles (including the aforementioned employer) have put him throughout his life. He is constantly looking for power so that he can protect people he loves. Like his sister, and his two exiled princess comrades. And that really young-looking prophet (and oh boy does he really love that guy). He is the Blazing Emperor, Sovereign of Bronquia, and the noblest demon you will ever meet.

Class-wise, he'd be a Flick Reaper - as a Brongaa Knight (a variation of the normal Dragon Knight class), the scythe is his favored weapon.


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