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Awe Striker ([personal profile] awestriker) wrote2012-04-18 02:20 pm
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Characters I Might Play Later II

 (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) Marche Radiuju: Sure, suddenly waking up in another world isn't a new thing for him, but the other time it was an illusion world. So, how would he respond to a real one? ...Well, probably by trying to break it. Not sure how well opening the Interdimensional Rift would go over with Kain.

Plus, if I played him the steadily-growing Final Fantasy cast herd couldn't be in the same place all at once. Oh well.

(Riviera: the Promised Land) Lina: Treasure-hunting is just her cup of tea, really. That's her ending, in fact, and she'd probably take her transfer in stride, especially the fact that she doesn't have to worry about weapons breaking on her. BUT she's an archer.

An archer.

...You see why that might be a problem?

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