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Ideas for this OC I'm making.

Dragons in general:
- The dragons have been oppressing mankind for several decades now. In recent years, this has led to the "Human Liberation Wars", which only recently have begun to have outcomes other than hilariously one-sided brutality in which many humans die pointlessly.
- Dragons are few in number, but are highly distinct from one another. Each has wildly varying skills and abilities. Many see humans as slaves at best. Most others (including most dragons governing astral bodies like the sun and stars) just see them as insignificant and don't really care what they do as long as it's not inconvenient.
- All magic is dragons, all dragons are magic. This is because dragons are essentially aspects of the power of creation given form and sentience (but left to discover or create their own purpose). So they're kind of like gods.

- The Dragon of Flames. While whole, she could turn part or all of her body into fire at any time and reverse doing so just as easily. Powers along these lines tend to be standard for most dragons. As a sword, she can manifest flame in the shape of her limbs.
- While not explicitly in favor of humanity, advocated against being total dicks to them. This caused other dragons to see her as weak, including the Dragon of Spirits, who removed her soul and forged it into a sword (currently owned by the human described below; they're on good terms).
- Bits of her remaining power were distributed to various other dragons, which gave them the ability to breathe fire (they couldn't before). Bits of her body were grafted onto various animals and deceived human followers, making them vessels for mind-control by the ones that did such a thing.
- The fact that _ is turning into a dragon because of her was a surprise, but a good one, since she might be able to die when the process finishes. Living as an object is hard.
- Being complicit in the destruction of her fellow dragons is hard on her.

- A hero of the Human Liberation Wars. Male, mid-20s.
- Abandoned Moses-style by parents, who are still in the thrall of Ypras the Volcanic (the Dragon of Lava). He drifted to one of the very few free settlements that exist, which didn't exactly have a name, and was raised there because why would they do that to a person, especially one that young.
- Shortly after he came of age, the settlement erupted into civil war for unclear reasons. It was effectively destroyed, and the survivors were forced to disperse. Reed, going his own way, found the cavern in which Relneia had been sealed. (When she heard of this she believed it to be the work of Lupheign the Serpent (the Dragon of Snakes), who always was kind of an odd one.)
- Upon meeting Relneia, he was the one with the idea that they could possibly free humanity together. Not seeing many other options, she agreed.
- They've had several clashes with Dorvauld, the Dragon of Lightning. Dorvauld uses his ability to travel by lightning to engage and disengage at extremely inopportune moments; Reed generally considers him a nuisance.


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