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No More Valor


No More Valor is a tabletop RPG campaign strongly based on No More Heroes. You probably figured that out.

For those not aware:
- You are an assassin. Well, that's what you're called - more likely you're a more conspicuous killer for hire.
- There exists an organization called Assassins United: A United Association of United Assassins' Associations (or just AUUAUAA, sometimes rendered and/or pronounced AWAWA) which organizes death matches between assassins for fame, money, and better contracts.
- In the past, these death matches have been conducted almost exclusively in the form of duels. However, noting that this precludes any sort of rise through the ranks that doesn't look positively meteoric, AWAWA has reorganized the entire structure of the ladder to use "stables", each of which is responsible for multiple assassins. Stables have a right to send as few or as many assassins in their employ as desired to a ranking match.
- Some 95% of assassination contracts are officially handled by AWAWA, and they take a cut of the payment, usually in the form of information fees on stables. The rest also have to be reported to them. It's their business to know about these things.
- Named characters from No More Heroes do not exist. There is still the legend of a "Crownless King", an assassin that under the old single-combat system rose to rank 1 and then vanished without a trace. However, no one knows anything about that person - name, face, age, anything.
- If you're worried the setting doesn't allow for non-sword-guys, remember that canon includes a ghost, a giant parade float, and a Russian cosmonaut with vague gravity powers as enemy assassins. Whatever you have in mind will work.
- The setting is very Near Future, similar to the Earth we live on except with more high-tech weaponry and very plausibly things are generally A Bit Worse For Pretty Much Everyone.


If you haven't heard of Valor before, here is a bullet point summary of the system:
- It's a d10-based system. No other dice are used, at all.
- You get rewards for acting IC, whatever IC is at the moment. Weird meta jokes will also probably get rewards, No More Heroes being what it is. However, those rewards go away at the end of the scene you got them in.
- You make all your own combat abilities, i.e. there is no such thing as a "basic attack".

Will I be able to distribute PDFs to anyone new to the system? ...uh, maybe? Even if I do, though, strongly consider buying the game if at all possible.


I have no idea when I'm going to run this, aside from that it will begin sometime in 2017.


What I would like from you is the following, provided you're interested. Just copy the form below, fill it out, and reply to this post.

For reference, my schedule precludes running the game on Wednesdays. THEY'RE SUPER BUSY.