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Colors TCG acquisition and trading log

the line ---- indicates what my card page reflects: anything below the line is not on the card page.

Start Pack: + (harmonius04 harmonius17 poppo19 hottemper08 part-timer13 shannaro11 rozan14 mint01)
July Release Freebies: + (elemia07 hymmeli08 cupid19 bloodscythe11 effortless15 lovefreak14 opposite11 bluebomber18 scientists09)
Start Supplement: + (insurance08 shaolin04)
Gift from[personal profile] estamir: +harmonius16
Traded with[personal profile] totling -mint01 +highentia20
Traded with[personal profile] netbug009 -(poppo19 shannaro11) +(sos14 taijutsu11)
August 3 Recycled Art: + (harpnote02 harpnote03 harpnote06 harpnote19 visualizer01 visualizer03 visualizer04 visualizer06 visualizer07 visualizer14)
August Release Freebies + (warlock18 alter04 nirvana12 research09 watch08 zippo18 hotblooded17 jps15 sinnoh08)
August 12 Recycled Art: + (brother10 brother20 composer17 frail01 ki19 kunst12 medic14 medic16 medic18 stronger09)
Musical Playground 3: + (fashionable04 intention18 orbs08)
Quilting 51 Rewards: + (conquest01 cyber07 unwavering10)
Pick a Color 77 Prize: + (pyo13 scribe09 tomorrow06 whiterabbit02)
Gift from [personal profile] larvayne: +apollo08
Traded with [personal profile] kuranosuke: -insurance08 +visualizer11
Traded with [personal profile] namikala: -whiterabbit02 +centurio10
Traded with [personal profile] despedia: -hottemper08 +apollo02
Traded with [personal profile] utsuwa: -intention18 +loudmouth18
Lines 74: + (bossy02 nightshade11 flask15)
Host Club 69: + (principal07 kindness17 mischief15)
CP 158: + (antoinette05 hoenn05 logical05)
CC 158: + (wind18 synesthesia02)
Crossword 62: + (heroic03 ousaka03 valves14 hadome10)
Pick a Color 78: + (magma02 cursedtwin09 masked05 galge06)
Quilting 52: + (television11 manga02 eternity06)
Switch it Up 77: -tomorrow06 +icefairy05
Traded with [personal profile] phibby: -(kindness17 ousaka03) +(visualizer05 visualizer16)
Traded with [personal profile] prisma: -nightshade11 +brother12
Traded with [personal profile] oktarose: -cursedtwin09 +alter18
Traded with [personal profile] bringthefate: -heroic03 +elemia19
Traded with [personal profile] fuselage: -principal07 +visualizer02
Musical Magazine 12: waitress14
Musical Magazine 13: robots13
Musical Magazine 14: ojamajo07
Musical Magazine 15: owl12
Musical Magazine 16: herbs04
Musical Magazine Final: warlock12
----↑AUGUST 2013↑----↓SEPTEMBER 2013↓----
Traded with [personal profile] lluvia: -mischief15 +lovefreak17
Traded with [personal profile] psithurism: -opposite11 +sohcahtoa09
Traded with [personal profile] miyoungie: -herbs04 +border10
Gift from [personal profile] vandalized: + (nirvana01 jps01)
September 2 Recycled Art: + (apollo14 temptress06 falchion12 ember18 icebeam12 legendary01)
Host Club 70: + (chef01 kailu01)
Crossword 63: + (loyalty13 savate15 absolute01 air17)
Pokeradar 158: + (guilt03 taozi17)
Trade with [personal profile] triacedia: -oath19 +thinking08
Pokeradar 157: + (dojo15 snake19)
Trade with [personal profile] kuranosuke: -kailu01 +research18
Donation Rewards: Disaresta: + (creampuff12 strongone11 rainfell18), green crayon
Donation Rewards: Applecot: + (database02 unwavering18 badluck09), gray crayon
Donation Rewards: Nelde: + (tsuruko06 chozo01 experiments13), orange crayon
Trade with [personal profile] karayan: -cyber07 +diagnostics12
Trade with [personal profile] secretambition: -strongone11 +power13
September Release: +(demifiend10 shiningone09 ribbons05 kou08 nephilim01 boisterous08 plain03 viewpoint01 tsunderes05 smoke15)
Trade with [personal profile] gilbo: -kou08 +disaresta04
Trade with [personal profile] estamir: -demifiend10 +disaresta01
Trade with [personal profile] swagu: -smoke15 +centurio08
Trade with [personal profile] yanyan: -tsunderes05 +disaresta06
Trade with [personal profile] hiba: -nephilim01 +disaresta10
Trade with [personal profile] gammacrank: -boisterous08 +disaresta05
Trade with [personal profile] rujubee: -rozan14 +disaresta09
Exchange with [personal profile] bats: -gray crayon, +disaresta13
Trade with [personal profile] citoyenne: -viewpoint01 +disaresta08
Trade with [personal profile] atashi: -orbs08 +disaresta11
Level up!: +(supportive05 lovey-dovey08 disaresta14), gray crayon
Trade with [personal profile] sannin: -chef01 +disaresta12
Recycled Art: +(trigger05 trigger06 trigger07 icebeam03 icebeam10 icebeam13)
Pick a Color 79: +(isshu09 royalguard19 violence10), orange crayon, green crayon
Trade with [personal profile] dialny: -violence10 +paramedic16
Quilting 53: +(calculation05 dealer05 ninja06 simulation12 sketchbook12 stardust06), green crayon, blue crayon
Trade with [personal profile] oniclaws: -composer17 +literary16
Switch it Up: -(air17 creampuff12) +(cosmos02 bluebomber12)
Trade with [personal profile] estamir: -cosmos02 +harmonius19
Sketchpad #1 Rewards: +(future06, parasol13), yellow crayon
Trade with [personal profile] gon: -ribbons05 +disaresta03
Costume Party 160+161: +(gekko17 suit03 cybernetic12 nightshade08 ramen06 milk20)
Trade with [personal profile] prisma: -nightshade08 +icebeam14
Seiyuu Guess 135: +(flirt05 mako08 revizer08 kira17)
Beauty Pageant 66: +(izuna-otoshi01 fanclub07 udonge19 hachimaki18), gray crayon
Trade with [personal profile] arilyn9: -kitten03 +visualizer15
Conan's Clues 160: +(lolishota12 obsession03)
Conan's Clues 161: +(dogtags19 composing04)
Trade with [personal profile] fall: -suit03 +visualizer08
Trade with [personal profile] namikala: -lolishota12 +adeptrogue02
Trade with [personal profile] maesterlicious: -(calculation05 stardust06) +(brother07 viena11)
Scrapbook 71 Reward: +(atonement10 hell14 kataomoi17)
Trade with [personal profile] ritornello: -(taijutsu05 gekko17) +(icefairy08 dominance02)
Trade with [personal profile] duosion: -(shiningone09 taozi17) +(disaresta02 elemia17)
Seiyuu Guess 136: +(ostia09 revive13 drossel01)
Trade with [personal profile] swagu: -experiments15 +programmer06
Trade with [personal profile] arcadianmyrmidon: -bluebomber12 +disaresta20
Trade with [personal profile] moes (#47): -plain03 +disaresta07
Sketchpad #2 Rewards: +(sablier20 locket06), purple crayon
Trade with [personal profile] rubatosis: -waitress14 +bloodscythe03
Trade with [personal profile] utsuwa: -sablier20 +bluebomber09
Exchange with [personal profile] chatote: -gray crayon, +disaresta15
Gift to [personal profile] arcadianmyrmidon: -bluebomber09
August Pog: -(frail01 ki19 kunst12 sos14) +(ghost19 devotion12 bsaa05 lightblue14 seja16 kidnapped09 advisor06 tensai01 bearanima07)
Gift to [personal profile] anruik: -bearanima07
Crayon Change with [personal profile] darjeeling: -gray crayon, +brown crayon
Trade with [personal profile] nepetan: -tsuruko06 +visualizer19
Trade with [personal profile] oriaon: -(kira17 tensai01 isshu09) +(cupid10 diagnostics08 robots18)
Crayon Change with [personal profile] frogberri: -yellow crayon, +brown crayon
Trade with [personal profile] shinsengumi: -eternity06 +cleric18
Trade with Vincent (unlinkable, website form trade): -cybernetic12 +apollo15
Gift to [personal profile] thighhighboots: -obsession03
Crayon Change with [personal profile] arilyn9: -3 green crayons, +2 blue crayons, +brown crayon
Lines 76: +(shiro02 corpses11 brain14)
Costume Party 162: +(astraphobia06 childhood16 sweden20)
Trade with [personal profile] surskit: -fashionable04 +centurio03
Gift from [personal profile] ankari: +silpheed09
Trade with [personal profile] pleonasm: -kataomoi17 +visualizer20
Switch it Up: -(hadome10 galge06 fanclub07) +(kindness03 citro16 plugin17)
Trade with [personal profile] wingeddreams: -advisor06 +watergun19
Magical Crossword 64: +(manga13 antares16 earnest03 r-traps12 haughty14 hotheaded15)
Recycled Art: +(archer12 cartology13 fireball05 fireball09 phazon14 wind-up04)
Trade with [personal profile] fuselage: -loyalty13 +disaresta16