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2030-06-23 09:50 pm
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Anguished One
Aya Shameimaru
Chung Seiker
Faris Scherwiz
on break
Grolla Seyfarth
Io Nitta
not functioning
Neku Sakuraba
Rui Ninomiya
Tear Grants
not functioning
Alicia Pack
Alcor, the Anguished One,

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
A mysterious apparent ally of the main characters in their battle against the Septentrions. He believes absolutely in the potential of mankind, but as an inhuman being does not show his emotions in the same way they do. Frequently asks grand, sweeping questions about the nature of man, free will, destiny, fate, and reality.

Game history: Holy Relic
Aqua, Keyblade Master
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
A newly-named Keyblade Master originally from the Land of Departure. Calm, caring, but an amazing combat magician who will show no quarter when necessary. She considers Terra and Ven her family, and anyone who hurts them will not get off lightly from it.

Game history: none
Chigusa "Atoli" Kusaka
A high-school girl continually caught between the societal pressure of her peers in school, her teachers, and her classmates. A pacifist and animal-lover, her character of choice in The World is a Harvest Cleric, and while playing she tries to be upbeat and friendly, although she can come across as preachy instead.

Game history: Destiny Strings
Aya Shameimaru, Traditional Reporter of Fantasy
Touhou Project
A gossip reporter from the Tengu Mountain. She is exceedingly fast, and always in search of juicy, interesting news to probably exaggerate horribly. Her special ability is the power to manipulate air and wind.

Game history: none
Chung Seiker
One of the renowned Seiker clan of guardians of the city of Hamel. His father was lost and brainwashed in one of the demon attacks, forcing Chung to leave the city, but also instilling in him a desire to protect all the world's people.

Game history: Ivalice Alliance (AU as a Moogle)
Ein (JP: Ecthel)
Riviera: the Promised Land (Dept. Heaven Episode I)
A Grim Angel created by the gods of Asgard for the purpose of ensuring their victory in Ragnarok, the war against demons. His Diviner, the sword Einherjar (JP: Ecthelion), was given to him in exchange for his black wings without his consent, and thus gets flustered in situations where the power of flight might be useful. Has a very pure heart, but is somewhat naive and unskilled in politics or social matters.

Game history: Rakuen, Saudade
Elsword "Infinity Sword" Sieghart
The younger brother of the Red Knight Elesis, the (now second-) youngest knight in Elrios history. Loves fighting and idolizes his sister, and joined the El Search Party for these two reasons. His magic sheath, Conwell, allows him to manifest spectral swords out of magic and use them to attack. Dark El interference has made him angrier and more bloodthirsty, but his loyalty to his companions and sister remains.

Game history: Revision 3 (AU as a player)
Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer
League of Legends
An explorer/archaeologist from Piltover. His gauntlet taps his immense innate magical power without the need for formal training as a magic-user, which suits him just fine. Nearly always out in the field, looking for the next big find of the century.

Game history: none
Faris Scherwiz Tycoon
Final Fantasy V
A pirate originally of Tycoon royal blood. Having been found by pirates after an accident when she was a baby, she eventually became the captain of her own crew. She is fierce, clever, and courageous, and especially protective of her biological sister Lenna. She chose the pirate life just as much as it chose her.

Game history: Holy Relic, Destiny Strings
RKS-006 Grolla Seyfarth
A Magus, and member of the elite mages-only Imperial strike force Rosenkreuzstilette. Silent, forceful, but extremely loyal to her subunit commander Sichte. Her signature weapon is the Grollschwert, and her magic allows her to cause shockwaves and laser slashes with it.

Game history: Witches' Reign
Io Nitta
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
A senior-year high school student that goes to the protagonist's school. She is intelligent, kind, and thoughtful, and typically takes more time than average to make decisions or formulate opinions than most people.

Game history: Destiny Strings

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia, Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
A hugely powerful Beta Reyvateil originally created to be an emotionless superweapon. After developing emotions anyway, she resolved to destroy mankind, earning her the title of Mother Virus. Now partially recovered, although still internally struggling with her genocidal side and her immense self-loathing.

Game history: Save the Earth (AU as human Miranda Atmiller)
Jale, Tentai Starbearer
Suikoden: Tierkreis
One of the main character's friends in Citro Village. He prefers to use fist weapons and martial arts in combat, which he learned from practicing with his mother.

Game history: Holy Relic
Komachi Onozuka, Guide of the Sanzu River
Touhou Project
A ferrying shinigami tasked with taking souls across the Sanzu River. However, she is laid-back and has a poor work ethic, so it is usually very slow. Like most people in contact with or residing in Gensokyo, she is easily bored and prone to challenge people to fights or duels. Her special ability is the power to manipulate distance.

Game history: Rakuen
Lynne, a Red-Headed Target
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
A novice detective for the police in her town. She has a passion for justice and roast chicken, and uses her energy best when helping others, going after criminals, or for the sake of the people she believes in, especially Det. Jowd and Inspector Cabanela.

Game history: Warmwood
Mia, of the Mercury Clan
Golden Sun
The chief healer of Imil, a wintry town in the northern parts of Weyard. She and the rest of the Mercury clan were tasked with ensuring that Mercury Lighthouse remained sealed, but her own cousin violated the oath. Calm, caring, and exceedingly polite.

Game history: Holy Relic, My Little Jamjar
Neku Sakuraba
The World Ends With You
An antisocial youth from Shibuya, Japan. He was swept up in the Reapers' Game mostly against his will, but also was unknowingly involved in something greater than it. Rude, mistrustful, and standoffish, but slowly learning to open up.

Game history: none
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
A young girl who, for reasons unknown, was brought into the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. She is a very quick and cunning thinker, and very good at controlling her emotions. Her sense of humor is... a bit odd, though, and she has an odd tendency to have already known important things.

Game history: Alpha Complex
Rui "LOAD GALAX" Ninomiya
Gatchaman Crowds
Teen genius behind the social network GALAX, Rui is an idealist who believes that heroes and leaders are unnecessary in the long run.

Mystearica "Tear Grants" Aura Fende
Tales of the Abyss
A Melodist and Seventh Fonist, using her aptitude for those artes for healing as opposed to reading the Score. Her usual demeanor is serious and strait-laced, but it tends to break down in the presence of sufficient cuteness.

Game history: none
Muramasa: the Demon Blade
A princess and holy maiden from the same clan as Momohime. After dying, she and her clan's warriors were temporarily returned to life to bring back an important possession which was stolen from them and brought to the Shogun.

Game history: Destiny Strings
Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
A unicorn from Canterlot, originally sent by Princess Celestia to experience for herself the power and magic having friends brings. Eventually, her magical power and knowledge, and her good heart, were enough to earn her a crown and domain of her own. Bookish, meticulous, and introverted, although she is always willing to make time for a friend.

Game history: Witches' Reign, Somarium, My Little Jamjar
Alicia Pack
OC: Pokémon
A Pokémon Trainer originally from Celadon City. Started her journey later than most other Trainers due to lack of interest at the time. Impulsive and quick-tempered, she prefers to fight with raw power but is capable of adjusting her strategy to suit the Pokémon she's using. Never to be allowed in a kitchen.

Game history: none

code by [community profile] cawaii

Possible future muses:
Paiman, Gatchaman Crowds
Nitori Kawashiro, Touhou Project
Revolver Ocelot, The Last Days of FOXHOUND (?)
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2026-11-09 08:07 pm
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No More Valor


No More Valor is a tabletop RPG campaign strongly based on No More Heroes. You probably figured that out.

For those not aware:
- You are an assassin. Well, that's what you're called - more likely you're a more conspicuous killer for hire.
- There exists an organization called Assassins United: A United Association of United Assassins' Associations (or just AUUAUAA, sometimes rendered and/or pronounced AWAWA) which organizes death matches between assassins for fame, money, and better contracts.
- In the past, these death matches have been conducted almost exclusively in the form of duels. However, noting that this precludes any sort of rise through the ranks that doesn't look positively meteoric, AWAWA has reorganized the entire structure of the ladder to use "stables", each of which is responsible for multiple assassins. Stables have a right to send as few or as many assassins in their employ as desired to a ranking match.
- Some 95% of assassination contracts are officially handled by AWAWA, and they take a cut of the payment, usually in the form of information fees on stables. The rest also have to be reported to them. It's their business to know about these things.
- Named characters from No More Heroes do not exist. There is still the legend of a "Crownless King", an assassin that under the old single-combat system rose to rank 1 and then vanished without a trace. However, no one knows anything about that person - name, face, age, anything.
- If you're worried the setting doesn't allow for non-sword-guys, remember that canon includes a ghost, a giant parade float, and a Russian cosmonaut with vague gravity powers as enemy assassins. Whatever you have in mind will work.
- The setting is very Near Future, similar to the Earth we live on except with more high-tech weaponry and very plausibly things are generally A Bit Worse For Pretty Much Everyone.


If you haven't heard of Valor before, here is a bullet point summary of the system:
- It's a d10-based system. No other dice are used, at all.
- You get rewards for acting IC, whatever IC is at the moment. Weird meta jokes will also probably get rewards, No More Heroes being what it is. However, those rewards go away at the end of the scene you got them in.
- You make all your own combat abilities, i.e. there is no such thing as a "basic attack".

Will I be able to distribute PDFs to anyone new to the system? ...uh, maybe? Even if I do, though, strongly consider buying the game if at all possible.


I have no idea when I'm going to run this, aside from that it will begin sometime in 2017.


What I would like from you is the following, provided you're interested. Just copy the form below, fill it out, and reply to this post.

For reference, my schedule precludes running the game on Wednesdays. THEY'RE SUPER BUSY.
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2017-03-11 08:27 pm


❝ None of you people have much sense of subtlety when it comes to this. ❞
canon point: dio end
survivor pool: y
victim/culprit: n/a
notes: cleared of suspicion on like day two
notable cr: yomiel, rin
favorite thread: haven't looked back
❝ There's no reason not to believe them, once we figure out which of them gets the truth. ❞
canon point: submarinestuck
survivor pool: n
victim/culprit: victim
notes: everyone was surprised when day two dawned and she was still around
notable cr: siebold, oswin... isaac? clover?
favorite thread: uh... all lynne's threads were super short
❝ What you choose can materialize us. ❞
canon point: beginning of ZTD/???
survivor pool: no
victim/culprit: case 6, victim 2 (culprit: gangrel)
notes: what's one more horrible death for the road?
notable cr: elda, hanyuu, estelle, mikazuki, orihime
favorite thread: i've got to find an excuse to go to crave again
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2016-12-11 08:49 pm

Valor Global Houserules

These don't belong to any particular campaign but apply to most of them.

Skill Changes:

Bravado's SP cost is now +6/+6.

Unyielding Determination's text is now the following: "Whenever the GM awards you Valor, increase the amount you gain by 1."

Great Accuracy now costs 8 SP.

Great Evasion now costs 8 SP.

Impaired Accuracy now costs 4 SP.

Impaired Evasion now costs 4 SP.
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2015-10-06 03:51 pm
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OC-building post

Ideas for this OC I'm making.

Dragons in general:
- The dragons have been oppressing mankind for several decades now. In recent years, this has led to the "Human Liberation Wars", which only recently have begun to have outcomes other than hilariously one-sided brutality in which many humans die pointlessly.
- Dragons are few in number, but are highly distinct from one another. Each has wildly varying skills and abilities. Many see humans as slaves at best. Most others (including most dragons governing astral bodies like the sun and stars) just see them as insignificant and don't really care what they do as long as it's not inconvenient.
- All magic is dragons, all dragons are magic. This is because dragons are essentially aspects of the power of creation given form and sentience (but left to discover or create their own purpose). So they're kind of like gods.

- The Dragon of Flames. While whole, she could turn part or all of her body into fire at any time and reverse doing so just as easily. Powers along these lines tend to be standard for most dragons. As a sword, she can manifest flame in the shape of her limbs.
- While not explicitly in favor of humanity, advocated against being total dicks to them. This caused other dragons to see her as weak, including the Dragon of Spirits, who removed her soul and forged it into a sword (currently owned by the human described below; they're on good terms).
- Bits of her remaining power were distributed to various other dragons, which gave them the ability to breathe fire (they couldn't before). Bits of her body were grafted onto various animals and deceived human followers, making them vessels for mind-control by the ones that did such a thing.
- The fact that _ is turning into a dragon because of her was a surprise, but a good one, since she might be able to die when the process finishes. Living as an object is hard.
- Being complicit in the destruction of her fellow dragons is hard on her.

- A hero of the Human Liberation Wars. Male, mid-20s.
- Abandoned Moses-style by parents, who are still in the thrall of Ypras the Volcanic (the Dragon of Lava). He drifted to one of the very few free settlements that exist, which didn't exactly have a name, and was raised there because why would they do that to a person, especially one that young.
- Shortly after he came of age, the settlement erupted into civil war for unclear reasons. It was effectively destroyed, and the survivors were forced to disperse. Reed, going his own way, found the cavern in which Relneia had been sealed. (When she heard of this she believed it to be the work of Lupheign the Serpent (the Dragon of Snakes), who always was kind of an odd one.)
- Upon meeting Relneia, he was the one with the idea that they could possibly free humanity together. Not seeing many other options, she agreed.
- They've had several clashes with Dorvauld, the Dragon of Lightning. Dorvauld uses his ability to travel by lightning to engage and disengage at extremely inopportune moments; Reed generally considers him a nuisance.
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2013-10-14 03:06 pm
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(I have x13 x21 x15 x27 x18 x18 x20 x18 for myself.)

I have unlimited to give out!

If you visited this post for candy on October 14 there aren't really any special conditions for getting it~!

If you visited this post for candy on October 15 or 16, I'd like you to link me to your candy post unless I've already claimed from you (check my logs!)

If you visited this post for candy on October 17 or 18, I'd still like you to link your candy post but I'd also like you to link me your favorite song from a video game.

If you visited this post for candy on October 19 or 20, I'd like a link to your candy post and the name of your favorite dessert.

If you visited this post for candy on October 21 or before 10pm on the 22nd, I'd like a link to your candy post and a little well-wishing for my exam.

If you visited this post for candy after 10pm on October 22nd, or on October 23 or 24, I'd like you to link your candy post if I haven't claimed candy from it yet and make a random trade with me. You don't necessarily have to offer anything I want for this, but that would be a nice bonus (for me)! I'll try to pick out things you want (so maybe link your card post too) but if I don't see anything I'll just throw a random card.

If you visited this post for candy on October 25 or 26, I'd like just a link to your candy post, I'm feeling kind of lazy today.

If you visited this post for candy on October 27 or 28, I'd like a link to your candy post and your plurk name, if you have one - I've heard talks about having another friending meme at some point but I'm impatient! (Mine is [ profile] awestriker!)

If you visited this post for candy on October 30, I'd like just a link to your candy post and your opinion on the layout and design of my card post.

If you visited this post for candy on October 31, you have no condition whatsoever since I'll be away from my computer all night and I'll be late getting it to you. Happy Halloween!

If you visited this post for candy on November 1, 2, or 3, I'd like a link to your candy post and a trade that will fulfill the monthly Acrostic Post conditions. I still need the following letters:

If you visited this post for candy on November 4, 5, or 6, I'd like a link to your candy post annnnnnnd... I don't know what to ask again. How about your favorite kind of pizza?

If you visited this post for candy on November 8, 9, or 10, I'd like a link to your candy post and an opinion: which of my icons do you like the best?

If you visited this post for candy on November 11, just comment; it's the last day of the event seriously.
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2013-02-10 02:22 pm
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[LoL] Champion Contracts and Interests

◯ is a champion I own, but don't use often or well.
◎ is a champion I am confident in my ability to use.
☐ is a champion I don't have... yet.
♢ is a champion I'm not planning to get right now.
Brackets after a champion's name denote skins owned.

◎ Ahri
◯ Alistar [Unchained]
◎ Dr. Mundo
◎ Ezreal
◯ Garen
◎ Irelia [Frostblade]
◎ Janna <- I want Forecast Janna if you want to gift it to me although I'll probably buy it myself
◯ Karma [Traditional]
◯ Lissandra [Bloodstone]
◯ Nasus
◎ Ryze [Professor]
◎ Soraka
◯ Syndra
◯ Tristana [Riot Girl]
◯ Warwick
◎ Xerath

☐ Akali
☐ Anivia
☐ Brand
☐ Cassiopeia
☐ Draven
☐ Fizz
☐ Graves
☐ Kennen
☐ Lee Sin
☐ Lux
☐ Riven
☐ Shen
☐ Sion
☐ Sona
☐ Twisted Fate
☐ Varus
☐ Veigar
☐ Vi
☐ Viktor


Owned (PBE)
◎ Ahri [Foxfire]
☐ Akali
♢ Amumu
☐ Anivia
♢ Annie [Goth, Red Riding, in Wonderland, Prom Queen, Frostfire, Panda]
♢ Ashe [Amethyst]
♢ Blitzcrank [i]
☐ Brand [Zombie]
☐ Cassiopeia [Jade Fang]
♢ Cho'Gath [Gentleman]
♢ Corki [Dragonwing]
♢ Darius
♢ Diana [Dark Valkyrie]
☐ Dr. Mundo [Corporate]
☐ Draven
♢ Elise [Death Blossom]
♢ Evelynn
◎ Ezreal
♢ Fiddlesticks [Dark Candy]
♢ Fiora [Headmistress]
♢ Galio [Gatekeeper]
♢ Gangplank
◯ Garen [Steel Legion]
♢ Gragas [Esq.]
☐ Graves
♢ Hecarim
♢ Heimerdinger
◎ Irelia [Frostblade]
◎ Janna [Victorious]
♢ Jarvan IV [Warring Kingdoms]
♢ Jax
♢ Jayce [Debonair]
◯ Karma [Traditional, Sun Goddess, Sakura]
♢ Karthus
♢ Kassadin
♢ Katarina [Slay Belle]
♢ Kayle [Aether Wing]
☐ Kennen
♢ Kha'Zix [Mecha]
♢ Kog'Maw
♢ LeBlanc
☐ Lee Sin [Muay Thai]
◯ Lissandra [Bloodstone]
♢ Lulu [Dragon Trainer]
☐ Lux [Steel Legion]
♢ Malphite
♢ Malzahar
♢ Maokai [Haunted]
♢ Master Yi [Ionia]
♢ Miss Fortune
♢ Mordekaiser
♢ Morgana
♢ Nami [Koi]
♢ Nidalee
♢ Nocturne [Eternum]
♢ Nunu
♢ Olaf
♢ Pantheon
♢ Poppy
♢ Quinn [Phoenix]
♢ Rammus [Full Metal]
♢ Renekton [Scorched Earth]
♢ Rengar
☐ Riven [Championship, Redeemed]
◎ Ryze [Pirate]
♢ Shaco [Masked]
♢ Shen
♢ Singed
☐ Sion
♢ Sivir
☐ Sona [Arcade]
◎ Soraka [Celestine]
♢ Swain
◯ Syndra [Justicar]
♢ Taric [Fifth Age]
♢ Teemo [Astronaut]
♢ Thresh [Deep Terror]
◯ Tristana [Rocket Girl]
♢ Trundle
♢ Tryndamere
☐ Twisted Fate [Underworld, the Magnificent]
♢ Twitch
♢ Udyr [Primal]
♢ Urgot
☐ Varus [Arclight]
♢ Vayne [Aristocrat]
☐ Veigar [Bad Santa]
☐ Vi [Neon Strike]
♢ Vladimir
◎ Xerath [Scorched Earth]
♢ Xin Zhao [Warring Kingdoms]
♢ Zac [Special Weapon]
♢ Zed [Shockblade]
♢ Zilean
♢ Zyra [Wildfire]
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2012-09-08 11:03 pm

Destiny Strings: Awe's OOC Persona Creation Slate

Because I have Ideas with this game, okay? Okay.

[XELPUD] (La-Mulana)
WEAK: Wind | REFLECTS: None | ABSORBS: None | BLOCKS: Lightning | RESISTS: Water

▶ Distraction (Blather about MSX games so that allies can escape)
▶ Tetra Break (Remove the Tetrakarn status from all enemies)
▶ Resist Physical (Reduces damage taken from physical attacks)
▶ Dekunda (Remove the effects of -nda spells on all allies)
▷ CommLink (Communicate telepathically with known Persona users)
▷ Tetraja (Protects one ally from instant death once)
▷ Void Physical (Completely nullify Physical damage)
▷ Holy Grail Tablet (Causes a portal to appear that characters can use to leave an area and appear at one of a small number of locations)
★ I Can See Through Everything (View events surrounding known Persona users from a distance)

▶ Zionga (Medium single-target Lightning damage)
▷ Cell Breaker (Small single-target Physical damage, has a chance to induce Enervation)
▷ Herculean Strike (Medium multi-target Physical damage)


[NIV-MIZZET] (Magic: the Gathering)
WEAK: Ice | REFLECTS: None | ABSORBS: None | BLOCKS: Lightning | RESISTS: Fire

▶ Maragion (Medium multi-target Fire damage)
▶ Zionga (Medium single-target Lightning damage)
▶ Revolution (Greatly increases critical chance for all allies and all enemies)
▶ Foolish Whisper (30% chance of inflicting Silence on all enemies)
▷ Agidyne (Large single-target Fire damage)
▷ Mind Charge (Next Magic attack is 2.5x times the power)
▷ Makarakarn (One ally reflects the next single non-Almighty Magic attack targeting them)
▷ Weird Prism (Inflicts a medium amount of damage of a random element not Physical, Light, Dark, or Almighty up to three times on one enemy)
★ Overload Magic (The next single-target attack used is multi-target instead)

▶ Resist Charm (Reduces chance of being affected by Charm skills)
▷ Fire Amp (Increases Fire damage output by 50%)
▷ Resist Earth (Reduces damage from Earth attacks)


Innis Phase will be the ultimate Persona of Atoli.



►  Ice Dance (Inflicts a large amount of Ice damage on one enemy for up to three times)
►  Slow-Mo (Decreases an enemy's Speed by half.( 2turns))
►  Poisma (40% chance of inflicting the Poison ailment on one target.(2 turns))
►  Mamagnadyne (Deal large Earth damage on all enemies.)
▷  Goldeneye (30% chance of inflicting the Illusion ailment on all targets | all allies.(2 turns))
▷  Fire Dance (Inflicts a large amount of Fire damage on one enemy for up to three times)
▷  Thunder Reign (Inflicts a severe amount of Lightning damage on all enemies.)
▷  Data Drain (Reduces an enemy's HP by 50%, with a 40% chance of inflicting each possible status ailment.)
★   Invisible Dolls (Cannot miss. Deals severe Physical damage to a single enemy three times.)

►  Null Fire (Becomes immune to Fire attacks. Takes precedence over Resist Fire.)
▷  Null Wind (Becomes immune to Wind attacks. Takes precedence over Resist Wind.)
▷  Null Dark (Becomes immune to Darkness attacks. Takes precedence over Resist Dark.)




►  Moneybags (Always gains an item after a battle with a creature (most common item, then normal roll for the rare))
►  Delyte (40% chance of inflicting the Egoism ailment on one target.(2 turns))
►  Freeze Frame (Halves all enemies' speed)( 2turns))
►  Solid Scan ( Reveals all of all foes' strengths)
▷  Mass CommLink ( Allows the user to communicate telepathically with other Persona users nearby regardless of knowing who they are.)
▷  Control Water (Allows user to move the nearby water for fire minutes. Does not deal damage by itself.)
▷  Samarecarm (Wakes up an ally with full HP.)
▷  Rewind Button (Turns back 30 seconds of time (about five rounds). For some reason using this skill makes your metaphorical wallet lighter and will fail if there isn't enough money to use it.)
★   Spell of Enemy Destruction (Takes five full rounds to charge, during which the caster can't do anything else, but instantly defeats Level 3 and lower non-boss enemies without fail.)

►  Swift Strike (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to twice with a 10% chance of Confusion on all enemies.)
▷  Mahamaon (40% chance of instant KO from the power of Light on all enemies.)
▷  Mamagnadyne (Deal large Earth damage on all enemies.)
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2012-05-04 08:56 pm

(no subject)

 ...So, I apped for a game, and I think I killed it. Or it was dead. Either way, it's a shame because it looked like it was just starting up.

Twilight, what will I do with you now...
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2012-04-18 02:20 pm
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Characters I Might Play Later II

 (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) Marche Radiuju: Sure, suddenly waking up in another world isn't a new thing for him, but the other time it was an illusion world. So, how would he respond to a real one? ...Well, probably by trying to break it. Not sure how well opening the Interdimensional Rift would go over with Kain.

Plus, if I played him the steadily-growing Final Fantasy cast herd couldn't be in the same place all at once. Oh well.

(Riviera: the Promised Land) Lina: Treasure-hunting is just her cup of tea, really. That's her ending, in fact, and she'd probably take her transfer in stride, especially the fact that she doesn't have to worry about weapons breaking on her. BUT she's an archer.

An archer.

...You see why that might be a problem?
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2012-04-06 11:12 pm
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Characters I Might Play Later

 So yeah, this is a (working) list of characters I might apply for another time.

(Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2) The Anguished One: Hoo boy, would this be interesting. As another SMT-multiverse character he'd bounce off Minako pretty well, as well as any other Persona characters that might be applied for (and I know several were reserved). His role in the story is much like that of Igor's in Persona, but with the added benefit of being the sponsor of the game's fifth and final ending. He has a habit of referring to the main character (again, no true canon name, but the DeSu2 manga has him named Kageyama Hiro) as the "Shining One" and probably would do that for other MCs (I'm thinking Minato would be the "Deathly One".)

Class-wise, he'd be a Macabre Dancer - his stat growths are extremely balanced, more so than any other character, but in cutscenes he displays more aptitude for caster-style shenanigans. This is the primary reason I'm not playing him now - holyrelic currently has no less than four Dancers, with two half-Dancer Adept Rogues. (Compare the "special melée" classes Lord Partizan, Tribal Grappler, and Flick Reaper - there aren't any of those in the game yet as of this posting, although there is an Adept Rogue that is half-Flick Reaper.) know what, I'm apping him anyway.

(Dept. Heaven (Yggdra/Blaze Union)) Gulcasa: As I said before - DUDE. HAS. ISSUES. His dad heavily abused him and his mom has the ability to see into the future, which she uses as an excuse to be a total jerk. He blames himself for the death of his best friend and surrogate mother figure Siskier (she gave up her own life to save him from a trap set up by their employer). He has a deep-seated dislike/hatred of the concept of nobility and born royalty thanks to all the #$&% nobles (including the aforementioned employer) have put him throughout his life. He is constantly looking for power so that he can protect people he loves. Like his sister, and his two exiled princess comrades. And that really young-looking prophet (and oh boy does he really love that guy). He is the Blazing Emperor, Sovereign of Bronquia, and the noblest demon you will ever meet.

Class-wise, he'd be a Flick Reaper - as a Brongaa Knight (a variation of the normal Dragon Knight class), the scythe is his favored weapon.